Firstly,kalimpong Hotel Aashiana offers the best hotel services in Kalimpong. Moreover, It is for this reason that the middle class considers Aaashiyana to be the most affordable budget hotel in Kalimpong. The Kalimpong Hotel Ashiana does not simply provide amenities for the sake of providing amenities. Firstly,our services are designed to ensure that our guests can relax .Secondly, enjoy their stay without having to worry about the rigors of daily life. Most importantly, we have designed our free amenities to meet the following needs.

HOT 4 U Amenities

The “HOT 4 U” Amenity Package includes WiFi, TV , geysers, laundry service, and unlimited tea.

WI-FI: Life in 2022 would not be possible without the Internet. Our high-speed internet service caters to the needs of our guests in terms of entertainment, unexpected emails from their employers, online work, and children’s entertainment and video games.

TV: There is a large television monitor in the room. The children of our guests have access to cable television and the internet, so they are able to watch as many programs as they wish.


 Generally, tourists do not carry a great deal of clothing. A laundry service is essential, especially for families with small kids. We offer free laundry services to our guests as FREE AMENITIES for YOU.

ADEQUATE WATER SUPPLY, HOT WATER, AND GEYSER: Kalimpong suffers from a water shortage. You must purchase water in Kalimpong for your shower, cleaning, and washing. Spring water is used to supply the facility. Many hotels do not have adequate water supplies due to the high cost of water. Kalimpong Hotel Aashiyana ensures that its guests have access to water to keep them warm during the winter months. There is a geyser in every room that allows you to take a hot shower.

TEA and BREAKFAST: Kalimpong Hotel offers tea as often as you wish. Breakfast is served to guests as early as 7 am so that they do not miss any sightseeing events as well as to ensure that they do not remain on an empty stomach for a long period of time.

SHE’s SPECIAL Amenities

The SHE’s SPECIAL Amenities include electric cattle, daily housekeeping, sanitization, sufficient water supply, hot water, and bath towels.

ROOM SERVICE AND CLEANING: Bengalis, particularly women, are very particular about maintaining a clean room on a daily basis. Daily, we clean the room and the bathroom, change the bed covers, change the pillow covers, and disinfect the floors.

ELECTRIC KETTLE: Each room is equipped with an electric kettle. An electric kettle can be used to boil water for tea, prepare baby food, and wash your face. Hot water is always available in our rooms.

BATH TOWEL: Clean, soft, and fluffy bath towels will make your shower a pleasant experience.

Children’s Diet and Meals: Young children cannot consume everything from outside. Above all, kids cannot digest fast food and junk food.  With this intention, we prepare food as a mother would.  In conclusion, we welcome special orders for children as directed by their mothers at the Kalimpong Hotel Aashiyana.

ALL OF US CARE Amenities

All tourist guests at our hotels are provided with 24-hour reception, doctors on call, car booking, and trip planning services. However, these are voluntary services, which the guest may arrange themselves or seek our assistance. We do it for free. As a guest, you will not have to worry about arriving at the hotel on time or what to do if you require immediate assistance. Our reception desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide services for doctors on call. So, do not worry. In the event that you require a doctor late at night or at any other time, we will be available to assist you. We can arrange your cars and prepare a trip plan for sightseeing if you do not wish to engage in negotiations with local tour operators or car owners.

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Lastly, and most importantly, the amenity you will always receive here is LOVE, not sure if you get it anywhere else, but here you do. You will receive our unconditional love and respect 24 hours a day. As part of our FREE AMENITIES for YOU list, we highly emphasized. We believe that love is the most valuable, meaningful, and necessary amenity for all our guests who travel vast distances to visit Kalimpong. We keep bleeding, love!

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