Which area is best to stay in Kalimpong?

Which area is best to stay in Kalimpong?

Which area is best to stay in Kalimpong? This is a beautiful hill town known for its catholic school and cactus nursery. In fact, there are several places in Kalimpong that are popular among tourists for staying. Additionally, Look at the best areas to stay in Kalimpong.

Town Kalimpong:

 Firstly, Kalimpong town is the best area to stay for tourists. The town has several hotels like Kalimpong hotel Aashiyan, May fair, and Pine tree but hotel Aashiyana is an ideal location for budget travelers.

Durpin Dara Hill: Secondly, Durpin Dara Hill is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kalimpong. This area has several luxurious resorts and homestays.

Delo: Thirdly, one of the famous tourist spot in kalimpong. Delo is just 6 km from Kalimpong town. This area has highest number of Homestay in Kalimpong. Mongal Dham is also a good area to stay for pilgrimage tourism. Moreover, Kalimpong town is the best place to stay. 

In conclusion, the best area to stay in Kalimpong depends on your personal preferences and budget.

What is special in Kalimpong? Which area is best to stay in Kalimpong?

Scenic Beauty: Forthly, Kalimpong is situated at an altitude of 1250 meters and is surrounded by hills and Pine tree. The best part of Kalimpong is whether everyone can stay here.

Floriculture: Fifthly, Kalimpong  known for its floriculture industry and is famous for its nurseries. Kalimpong flower show, which is a popular event among tourists and locals alike.

ParaglidingFurthermore, one of the most attractive events in Kalimpong. Tourist enjoys Paragliding from Delo. 

River rafting: Above all, every tourist wants some adventure in their tour. River rafting is one of the famous parts of Kalimpong Tourism.

In conclusion, Kalimpong is a unique destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural and adventure activities. 

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Which area is best to stay in Kalimpong

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