Low-budget Honeymoon Destination in Kalimpong

Low-budget Honeymoon Destination in Kalimpong

Low-budget Honeymoon Destination in Kalimpong.

If you are searching for a low-budget honeymoon destination, Kalimpong will be the best choice. Firstly, there is confusion about where to go for a honeymoon after marriage.  Additionally, If you and your partner like hills and jungles and want to experience them together, Kalimpong is the best. You should choose Kalimpong along with the small villages of Chibo. Moreover, marriage is a costly affair, and after it, a pocket-friendly trip is needed. Therefore, You can plan a trip to Kalimpong without any hesitation to start a new beginning in life. Everything needed for a low-budget honeymoon destination in Kalimpong can be found. In fact, the places that must be visited around Kalimpong during the stay are given below.

Delo: One of the most popular tourist places in Kalimpong, just 6 km from the main town. Furthermore, you can spend a whole day in Delo Park and enjoy a memorable view of Kanchenjunga. Another place to visit is The Pine View Nursery. Kalimpong is famous for Cactus, and Pine View Nursery is the only place where 1500 different types of Cactus. It is just 6 minutes away from Kalimpong Hotel Aashiyan, which is one Low-budget Honeymoon Destination in Kalimpong. Additionally, for more details about other places that must be visited,  please click here.

How to go Low-budget Honeymoon Destination in Kalimpong

As discussed at the beginning of this writing, “CHIBO” is where one has to stay at a homestay. All the homestays in CHIBO are pocket-friendly. Chibo is just 8 km from Kalimpong, where one can get a taste of village life and food. There is no pollution and no urban noise, just green surroundings. At 4500 feet with your loved one, just imagine the blue sky, and the Teesta River flowing. One can see the Eagle Eye view and Sikkim Hill from Chibo.

Secondly, you have to reach Kalimpong from NJP. Thirdly, Bus services from Panitanki are available, and the cost of a ticket is Rs 110.You can arrange your stay at Hotel Aashiyana. Lastly, the Next day you can reach CHIBO just 8 km from the hotel.

Low-budget Honeymoon Destination in Kalimpong

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